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Tracerella and Her Prinze Charming
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Tracerella and Her Prinze Charming

Tracerella and Her Prinze Charming: Adventure 1

I spent the whole day washing the windows, ironing, dusting, vacuuming, washing dishes, laundry, swating flies, mopping, sweeping, polishing the furniture, sewing clothes, and, spraying air freshner.

The telephone rang and it was my Prinze Charming Freddie.

Freddie called to say that he was on his way over to pick me up and take me to his apartment.So after I hung up the phone, I quickly took a shower and got dressed in something a little sexy.Once he arrived, we left in his car. He was dressed in a blue shirt and some tight white pants. His shirt was opened down to about the fourth button, I could see his smooth baby skin and his hair was still wet and shiny.

Once we arrived at Freddie's apartment,he unlocked the door and told me to my make myself confortable because this is going to be an enjoyable evening. He put on Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On" dims the light and lights the candles and he opens a bottle of champagne, the champagne splashes every where, so Freddie says "can you mop this up?" and I said sure and I did. We sat on the sofa gazing into each others eyes when Freddie says I'll be back my darling, I'm going to the kitchen to get a couple of bowls for our strawberries. When Freddie came back to the livingroom he said "I forgot to wash the dishes "can you wash a couple of bowls?" and I said sure and I did. I returned to the livingroom and sat by Freddie again and he put his strong arms around me when he hears a strange noise coming from the livingroom window, he jumps up, looks out the window and says "this window is dirty I can't see a thing "can you clean this window for me?" and I said sure and I did, as he turned around suddenly and snagged his button off his shirt on something and he said Oh! look at this, hey baby "can you sew this button on my shirt?" and I said "sure" and I did. We got back into our romantic mood, so Freddie start a fire in the fireplace, what a lovely fire it was, he brought out the marshmellows to roast in the fire but the smoke lit up the livingroom, Freddie said "I forgot to clean the chimney" "can you clean the chimney for me" and I said "sure" and I did.Then he noticed a strong smell coming from the kitchen, he went to look and said "I haven't taken out the garbage for a week, and now the flies are around the garbage", so Freddie said "can you spray some air freshner and swat these flies" and I said "sure" and I did. We began dancing when we heard a ring coming from the kitchen Freddie said, Oh the dryer has stopped and went to get the clothes and he came back and said honey "can you iron these clothes for me?" and I said sure and I did.

Then I came back into the livingroom to sit by freddie once again, when he got up to turn on the television, he noticed the screen was dusty, and he asked me "can you dust my TV" and I said "sure" and I did,so we began to watch "Gone with the Wind", he had his arms around me and I was stroking his beautiful long hair when Freddie said "we need something to munch on", so he had went to the kitchen and opened a bag of pretzels,as he opened it, the pretzels fell on the carpet, Freddie said "Look what I just did, "can you vacuum this for me"? and I said "sure" and I did. I sat back down next to Freddie, laid my head on his shoulders and he was rubbing my arms with his soft hands when he remembered he forgot to start the other load of clothes, so freddie said "can you do my laundry"? and I said "sure" and I did. We wasn't paying too much attention at the TV, we were so happy to be together that we were smiling at one another, he said to me "I am so glad that you are here, you the only one for me", and then he said "I forgot to pick the trash off the kitchen floor" "can you sweep up the trash"? and I said "sure" and I did. Once I finished sweeping, Freddie said "darling I have a gift for you", so he got up off the sofa and went over to a table to get the gift box when he noticed the furniture wasn't polished, so Freddie said "I can't believe this, look at how dull this furniture is" "can you polish my furniture"? and I said "sure" and I did. Once we left the apartment, I was sitting in the car opening my gift and I noticed the box was empty and I told Freddie "there's no gift in here" and Freddie said "Oh my goodness I forgot to pick up the gift, let's stop by the jewlery store to pick up your gift, now Tracy when we arrive at the store,"can you go in and pick up gift?" and I said "sure" and I did because I'll do ANYTHING for my prinze charming.
Tracerella and her Prinze Charming

Stayed tuned for another adventure with Freddie Prinze.

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